Full of fun and laughter....

Riding a prince who has a yearning heart that I once craved.....

As for the times when someone I never expected to be present in my future life, it comes at a time never suspected, Acing .. You have stolen my heart and I will anesthetize you with fluid so that you are always faithful love forever with me -Sarah-

Photo By Agung

Ary is fond of airsoft gun, he told us his dream

making the photoshoot using his airsoft

then we concepted the kidnaping story of it, it told Ary saved Audy with his soul

Audy's dream is making photoshoot using simple Kebaya in an old nuances

so we make it come true!

Photo By Agung Muliawan

The love story begin from the Bank, where Shilvi working on

these tells many love story of them

Flashback from their good old romantic days

Photo & Story by Agung Muliawan